Charities Supported

Where do we start with this? There are many charities that deserve the support of the members, from the minor lodges, to PGL's, Knights Chapters, ROH assemblies and the national appeal under the Grand Primo.

Since the order began, they have given to charity in a big way, from the 1 or 2 pennies is years gone by the many tens of thousands we now see as the norm, the number of appeals that go on during each and every year is far too many to list here, but we will list the recent appeals supported, starting with the Grand Primo's

2019 British Hart Foundation

2018 RAOB Funds

2017 RAOB Funds

2016 Kidney Research UK

2015 Debra

2014 Kids

2013 Orchid

2012 " Eczema "

2011 "Whizz Kidz"

2010 Brain Tumour UK

2009 "Family Community Chest"

2008 " Ours"

Then we have the worthy Causes supported with a £5000 donation every year, nominated by a province.

2014 Celebra

2013  Brace

2012 Aids

2011 No Donation

2010 Jack Foundation

2009  Epilepsy Research UK

2008 Myasthenia Gravis Association

2007  Cystinosis Foundation United Kingdom

2006 CLIC Sargent - Cancer and Leukaemia in Childhood

2005 Debra -Epydermolysis Bullosa

2004 Systemic Lupus Erythematosus ( Lupus)

2003 National eczema society

2002 Children living with Inherited Metabolic Disease

2001 Neurofibromas Society

2000 National Osteoporosis Society

1999 Huntingtons Disease Association

1998 Action for  dysphasic Adults

1997 Thyroid Eye disease Society

1996 British Heart Foundation

1995 The Stroke Association

1994 The  Migraine Trust

1993 Alzheimer's Disease Society

1992 Marcus Nunn Histiocytosis Research Fund

1991 Brain Research Trust

1990 National Eye Research Trust

1989 Asthma Research Council

1988 Meningitis Trust

1987 Friedreichs Ataxia Group

1986 National Association for Colitus & Crohns Disease

1985 British Diabetic Association

1984 Motor Neurone Disease Association

1983 The Psoriasis Association

1982 Parkinson's Disease Foundation

1981 British Tinnitus Society

1980 British Association of Myasthenics

1979 The Foundation for the study of infant deaths

1978 Coeliac Society for the United Kingdom

1977 Multiple Sclerosis Society

1976 Bone Marrow Transplantation Research Trust

1975 National Society for Autistic Children

1974 National Society for Mentally Handicapped children

1973 Cystic Fibrosis Research

1972 Arthritis and Rheumatic Council

1971 Spina Bifida Fund

1970 Muscular Dystrophy Group of Great Britian

1969 Leukaemia Research Fund

1968 Imperial Cancer Research Fund

1967 Renal Disease Research Fund