Grand Primo Appeal 2019

British Heart Foundation

The Grand Primo, Bro Mick Brewster ROH has chosen to support the charity ”British Heart Foundation” during his term of office in 2019. “The Charity which I am supporting this year and asking you all to support as well is the British Heart Foundation.

The British Heart Foundation, in 2017, in every £1 raised 76p was available to spend on charitable activities; the remaining 24p was invested to generate income

. Brothers, some statistics, TODAY in the United Kingdom:

• 420 people will lose their lives to Cardio Vascular Disease (1 every 3 minutes)

• Over 7 million people live with Cardio Vascular Disease

• 545 hospital visits will be due to Coronary Heart Disease

• 180 people will die from Coronary Heart Disease (1 every 8 minutes)

• 12 babies will be diagnosed with a heart defect (1 in every 180 births)


• Vascular Dementia affects approximately 150,000 in the UK, People with a history of heart disease are at least twice as likely to develop vascular dementia, People with diabetes are 2 to 3 times more likely to develop vascular dementia

If you wish to know more about ”British Heart Foundation” then why not visit their website;