Ties for Sale

Grand Lodge office have a number of RAOB ties for sale, this is a once in a lifetime offer to get any of the following ties for a donation of £5 + P & P, when they’re gone they are gone. To be ordered through your PGL Secretary

We have:


Red: Single Buffalo                                                     Green: Official RAOB Tie                                            Blue: With RAOB & UK flags


Books, all the books below are offered at a minimum donation of £5 plus postage, all orders through your PGL

The Origin & Development                              Book 1 Original Hard Back                              Book 2


If you require any items please email

Clay Pipes (P.G. Secretary's only) are available direct from the office, please email your requirements to, on the offical Form 49 the pipes will be despatched as soon as possible after ordering, the cost will be added to the goods account of the province. No responsibility can be accepted for pipes broken in transit, all possible care will be taken when wrapping and despatching.

There are a number of publications available for new members, 1st degree ceremony, 2nd degree, 3rd degree, 4th degree, funeral service, as well as installation booklets all in a very handy small booklet, tucks neatly into pocket of cuffs.

To order please order through your PGL.

                  Museum Collection Books for downloading

                                                             Gratefull Thanks to late Bro Michael Walker ROH for the work carried out on these books.

No.1 General Laws of the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes

No.2 Minutes of the Proceedings of the Finance Committee, August 1895

No.3 Culshaws Story of the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes

No.4 Claims and Fantasies Part One

No.5 Minutes of the First Meeting of the Grand Primo Lodge of England

No.6 Changi Prisoner of War Lodge No.1

No.7 Abridged History of Grove House

No.8 Ceremony and Chorus

No.9 World War One Ambulances

No.10 The Nine Lectures

No.11 Dowling’s Origin of the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes

No.12 The Royal Lights

No.13 The Mystic Ring

No.14 The Old Ritual

No.15 League of Light

No.16 The York, Weston Super Mare

No.17 The Seminars

No.18 Benevolence Story

No.19 Peter the Hermit

No.20 Light

No.21 Gradus

No.22 Mystic Buffaloism

No.23 Symbology In Buffaloism

No.24 The Airship R101

No.25 The Seal of the R.A.O.B., G.L.E.

No.26 Ceremonies of the Knights of the Golden Horn

No.27 Changi & Unique Lodges

No28 The Opening of Grove House Orphanage

No.29 Aldridge Souvenir

No.30 Grand Secretary’s Tour of India

No.31 Souvenir of our New Orphanage

No.32 Dunstans Theory

No.33 Combined Sections R101 Memorial Service

No 34 V1 The Victoria Cross

No 34 V2 The Victoria Cross

No 35 A Token of Esteem and Respect

No 36 R.A.O.B. Lifeboats